Eloth.net 8.60

The planned start of the server will take place on August the 5th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe.
Announcements - Auto SSA & New Dedicated Server
GOD Slugar
60 Royal Paladin
on 2020-05-01 14:38:14
Auto SSA & New Dedicated Server
Following an investigation we have made a change with the ability to drag stone skin amulet using a bot. You can no longer use this bot to auto drag stone skin amulets. All players must update their client so this effect will take place, without updating you will not be able to drag any stone skin amulets up to your amulet slot.

We currently have a great balance with PVP on our server and we will continue to work and keep it like this!

New Dedicated Server
You will remember from our previous update we identified lag spikes happening for a few seconds at random times. We would like to update all players that we have already purchased a new dedicated server to fix this problem. We are currently holding extreme tests and attacking our new server to see how much it can handle before adding it to your gameplay. Although the lags seem better we felt this was necessary to invest in.

The new dedicated server is hosted in London, UK and should be ready very soon. We will look into a way to compensate all of our players in Askara in the most fair and balanced way once the problem is fully resolved.

We would also inform you, that today we have added an Warzone tutorial to our Wikipedia! You can check it through that link: https://wiki.askara.net/wiki/warzone-quest

Askara has continued to hold a strong and active community and we would like to thank all of our players for staying with us. We will continue to update and add new exciting changes to the server just like many that have been implemented already!
128 Master Sorcerer
on 2020-05-02 00:50:09
Balance pvp ?
Ms dmg is so shitty
like you got 180 dont even deal 500 by ue
when paladin with assasin star +sd can deal close to 400
Bobadil Bobs
142 Royal Paladin
on 2020-05-03 00:05:24

You should remember that the MS dmg is semi-constans buy RP dmg is so random. If you are shoting every sd around 400 dmg, palls are doing 5-6 shots to get hit over 500.
Materialna Laaskaa
17 Knight
on 2020-05-03 13:53:03
@Tres is 100% right. Mort hurs and ue damage are extremely laughable, thats becouse Slugar was lowering it over and over on every edition on kasteria bcuz ppl were complaining about it. Now this ot is knight/paladin ots, not worth and not fun to play MS. On 150+ MS i had 370 hits with mort hurs. And only 5% of them are 700+.
Another thing is that MS gets lowered his UE DMG for every player on the screen, what makes high dmg on ue useless on battles or in pvp. And it still deals so pathetic dmg to monsters.
Bobadil Bobs
142 Royal Paladin
on 2020-05-07 00:23:46
Wypowiedz siÄ™ pizdeczko mainem a nie z nooba piszesz jak noob.
161 Master Sorcerer
on 2020-05-08 14:52:23
Wedding ! 20:00
dear players friends and enemies we are inviting you to a wedding tonight in 20;00 , gather is in ankhora DP , by the customs of the mafia you need to bring 10k , food and drinks are free !All are most welcome, this will be the biggest party ever in askara !
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