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Announcements - Let's have fun!
GOD Slugar
51 Rookstayer
on 2020-10-06 13:30:10
Let's have fun!
As current Askara edition is slowly coming to an end we decided to let players that are still playing have some fun, therefore we have decided to increase all game stages to 500x. That change will appear next server save which is 7th October at 7:00 CEST.

Have fun!
556 Royal Paladin
on 2020-10-06 14:24:45
cant u launch kasteria ? with some newers cities instead? like yalahar, farmine. i know most ppl got tired of the custom maps cuz if u gonna play and fight u gotta learn the map to 100 % but ppl dont have time to do that,

i know alot of ppl talking about they wanting kasteria with rl map..

would be awesome

GOD Slugar
51 Rookstayer
on 2020-10-06 16:57:32
Yes, we are going to launch Kasteria soon, please be patient!
556 Royal Paladin
on 2020-10-07 09:06:11
Thumbs up ! ;)
473 Royal Paladin
on 2020-10-07 11:46:34
I was waiting for x 100 exp and I see that it is in vain...
Klepie Rook
202 Rookstayer
on 2020-10-07 12:24:28
Ots Off?
Askara Comming Off or not ? please dont Serv off !!
388 Elite Knight
on 2020-10-11 20:56:36
so maybe giva us some points? because i cant make level fast if i dont have rashid or djins
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