Help - Client fps drop problem
Rosa Krieger
56 Royal Paladin
on 2020-11-13 02:04:46
Client fps drop problem
Hello i have this problem with kasteria client (it was the same on last edition) where my fps randomly drops down to 1 for a second and i get a freeze and it completly ruins my gameplay since it happens alot and i cant hunt without dying to this. Last edition i couldnt play because of this problem but i really wanna play this edition since im bored af and theres no other good server atm (in my opinion)

important note: i have a terrible laptop but i dont experience this problem on any other client than kasterias :(

Thanks in advance for any tips/help <3

edit: i tried alot of stuff when i tried fixing it last time like updating drivers etc. (i have tried both dx9 and opengl and alot of different settings on these clients aswell)
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