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The planned start of the server will take place on August the 5th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe.
Announcements - Patch notes vol. 3
GOD Slugar
60 Royal Paladin
on 2020-03-31 14:46:42
Patch notes vol. 3
Today’s updates bring some amazing news, a brand new outfit and the popular decision to increase the loot rate.

As of today you will see our exclusive new outfit available in the store, the Golden Outfit. This legendary outfit is massively popular among all types of players and will certainly add a great look to your character.

We have also taken the time to update the look of our premium scrolls to stop scammers taking peoples hard earned cash, you will see this next time you purchase a premium tune from the shop.

Another extremely hot topic has been the loot rate. Following days of discussion and listening to all of the feedback from our community we have decided to increase the loot rate by just 30%. This has given a much better balance to the chances of making cash but retaining the importance of being lower rate and long term. The decision to do this has not been taken lightly as any changes must keep the gameplay as perfect as it can be.

We are very pleased with the response as Askara’s population continues to grow. We love to hear your thoughts on the server so please keep the forum posts and questions coming.

As you can see, our map is growing and growing along with constant updates to meet players expectations. We are currently working on optimizing the client to maximise the smoothness of the gameplay following much appreciated feedback. You will also now find 2 new money tasks from Grizzly Adams - Behemoths and Nightmares!

One more exciting update as planned with our opening news for Askara, we are getting closer to hosting our Brazil/American server. The launch of this is very important to everyone as we build solid foundations for long term game play and the future of Askara. More on this as it develops!
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