Askara will be launched on 8 September at 18:00 CEST

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If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
Announcements - Successfull launch & new things
GOD Slugar
51 Rookstayer
on 2020-09-11 09:42:32
Successfull launch & new things
We would like to thank all players who have joined us here on Askara. This unique server had an amazing launch of over 1000 players and we have hugely enjoyed seeing the start of everyone’s journey in this project.

Since the very beginning we have managed to respond to 100’s of reports, suggestions and received incredible feedback from players. Your thoughts are extremely important to us as we navigate through the opening stages of the server. The team has worked around the clock to ensure our response time has been fast.

For all current and new players just joining don’t forget to spend some time on our website as you have extremely useful links such as our YouTube Channel, Map Preview, Wikipedia, quest tutorials and much more.

Today's we have enabled an Character Market ( option that was promised. We haven't added it at the begining as it was not neccessary and we didn't want to push so many new systems at the begining to be sure that server is going to work smooth as we expected.

With tommorow's server save which will take place on 12th September there is going to be implemented new quest into the game which is Helmet of The Ancients - please get in mind that it will be abit different than on real map server, but don't worry, we are going to write tutorial on our Wikipedia so you know what to do.

Usefull remind:

We would like to remind you about Spectrum Ship that is randomly spawning each server save in which you have to complete few missions to the owner of the ship named Lazy-Eyed Sam, in return you will be able to hunt the bosses next 3 days (each 6 hours).

The Spectrum ship is always spawning on the Ankhora/Ramahos passage:

Additionaly, due that it's high rate server - we have doubled the points received for completing missions from Warzones.

We look forward to keeping you updated and welcome you to Askara!
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