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The planned start of the server will take place on August the 5th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe.
Announcements - Easter is getting closer!
GOD Slugar
60 Royal Paladin
on 2020-04-09 00:04:34
Easter is getting closer!
Following popular demand and our most recent Poll we have decided to implement the vocation EXP team hunt boosts. For each different vocation that is in your party (1 of each vocation) you will receive a 5% boost. Just as our players have stated, we also agree this is a great decision to make and hope you will enjoy the continuing updates on perfecting the balance of all vocations. These changes will take affect from tomorrow’s server save 09/04/2020!

Small Bug Fix
There was a small bug with walking diagonally and using for example mana or UH at the same time as stepping. This bug has now been fixed and take affect from today's server save 08/04/2020.

Easter Event!
We are getting close to Easter and we would like to present the first event we have been working on for you – we have some exciting details!

From Saturday 11/04/2020 you will begin to see a countdown to join the Easter Event. All players will have a chance to join and will be teleported to the Easter Arena which is NON-PVP. On this map, it’s every man for himself (all vs all) with prizes for the winners and also for everyone taking part! Your objective is to shoot your fellow players with Easter Eggs using a spell called exevo pascha. The spell will shoot the Easter Egg from your character just like a Master Sorcerer shoots exevo gran vis lux, smashing into the first player in its path! (not multiple targets). The Easter Eggs can be shot the full length of your screen – so if someone is aiming at you, make sure you’re not in the firing line! If you get hit by an Easter Egg your character will be teleported to a new random spawning position on the Event arena.

So how long will this event last and what are the prizes?

The Event will run from Saturdays server save 11/04/2020 until Tuesday 14/04/2020 server save and will be launched every 4 hours during daytime hours. The top 3 players who land the most completed shots will receive 50 premium points with every other player taking part receiving a 5% EXP boost for 2 hours! Don’t worry; the top 3 players will also receive this boost along with their points.

We hope you are enjoying all our updates and events just as much as we do making them, we have plenty more under construction. We will continue to listen to player feedback along with making the right decisions for all players as we continue to see a very exciting future. We would like to thank all of our players for choosing Askara

Here is a list of things that has been updated during last days. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- added Simon the Beggar favorite staff quest which is located near Heros in Esgar
- added ability to sell demonic essences to The Bone and The Dream Master as long as you hand in 1500 demonic essences before
- added ability to receive Necromancer or Nightmare Shield from The Bone and The Bone Master as a reward for completing their addons
- corrected appearance of Task Widget on the client while it's being closed
- added possibility to exchange mystic turban for blue piece of cloth, 150x green tunics for green piece of cloth and red robe for red piece of cloth with Irmana
- added possibility to sell piece of royal steel, piece of hell steel, piece of draconian steel and huge chunk of crude iron to Fiona
- added possibility to buy coloured bags from tools npcs
- corrected level requirement of Arbalest
Raid Boss
149 Elite Knight
on 2020-04-09 01:44:14
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