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Announcements - Xur'goth prizes & prey changes
GOD Slugar
51 Rookstayer
on 2020-09-16 10:03:05
Xur'goth prizes & prey changes
Many of you were asking what may they get from Xur'goth - we decided to make an full list of the prizes you may get from that Event!

- 1% of total experience of your character
- 1-5 prey bonus rerolls
- 3% experience boost for 4 hours
- boots of haste
- amulet of loss
- golden legs
- demon shield
- bag of time rings
- bag of might rings
- bag of stone skins
- backpack of sudden death runes (6x charges)
- backpack of ultimate healing runes (6x charges)
- backpack of magic wall runes (18x charges)

Additionaly, we have decided to increase it's health and total experience that Xur'goth gives from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000.

Watch out for the next turn!

Prey changes:

Due to a lot of requests we received from you about lowering Prey reroll list price we have decided to decrease it's price by 50%.


We have updated an Wikipedia ( with the new creatures and items on Askara!
162 Elite Knight
on 2020-09-16 11:58:28
I think it's good that preys cost a bit.
If you lower the prices there's no sacrifice for the player and you can just reroll untill you get what you want every time... and that feels to easy IMO.
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