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Ciepla Wodka is guild leader of BOLCOWNICY.
The guild was founded on on 8 September 2020.
Guild Members
Rank Name Info
LeaderCiepla Wodka101 Royal Paladin
Vice-LeaderAdamek97 Royal Paladin
Halina99 Royal Paladin
Malyfiut129 Royal Paladin
Mariusz Pudzianowski (Dominator)83 Royal Paladin
Mister Aloocha161 Royal Paladin
MemberAen Hen Ichaer66 Master Sorcerer
Andrzej Bolec81 Elite Knight
Archibaldos94 Royal Paladin
Bolcownik Matek67 Master Sorcerer
Bolcownik Ms129 Royal Paladin
Bolcownik Volda66 Royal Paladin
Bolcownik Zhogwartu42 Knight
Bolcownik Zimm52 Knight
Bolcownik Zopola71 Royal Paladin
Bolec69 Royal Paladin
Ciasteczko49 Royal Paladin
Craxik69 Knight
Dustek (Pezzo Da Novanta)95 Elite Knight
El Bodzio92 Royal Paladin
Essa83 Royal Paladin
Expanol48 Knight
Fuukovsky63 Master Sorcerer
Gee Bci Qer58 Paladin
Harambe79 Elder Druid
Jankerson73 Royal Paladin
Jarzabcio110 Paladin
Jebiewdenko58 Sorcerer
Juanbr124 Royal Paladin
Kielbasa Podwawelska63 Royal Paladin
Kokosowy78 Royal Paladin
Kupricz124 Royal Paladin
Kyouya92 Paladin
Levy Najt39 Elite Knight
Luki Tharion47 Paladin
Maturek154 Royal Paladin
Mloda69 Master Sorcerer
Mocarny Andrzej42 Knight
Mordrag106 Royal Paladin
Night Thor115 Elite Knight
Pajacos115 Master Sorcerer
Pat Fenis39 Knight
Patrycha25 Druid
Pepinero98 Elite Knight
Rolka Papieru129 Master Sorcerer
Sadge96 Royal Paladin
Shadof Punktow Grabiezca75 Elite Knight
Skurvviel Ii93 Master Sorcerer
Specjalista70 Elder Druid
Strzaeczka94 Royal Paladin
Strzala91 Master Sorcerer
Sylvanas Windrunner35 Paladin
Syndykacki Starszej Daty24 Paladin
Tibijski Zadymiarz88 Paladin
Tijok82 Royal Paladin
Wielki Di43 Sorcerer
Wielki Fiflak20 Paladin
Wonsz51 Druid
Yakuza82 Royal Paladin
Zawaskot64 Master Sorcerer
Invited characters
Name Information
Caps31 Paladin
Gibzdeka31 Paladin
Hustle Zapalkarz73 Royal Paladin
Wanda41 Paladin
Zbyszek124 Elder Druid
Zdupska Smrod60 Paladin
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