Askara will be launched on 8 September at 18:00 CEST

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If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
There are 267 players online on Askara.
Player online list
1.Achilles Poland185Elite Knight
2.Akabajashi Poland57Master Sorcerer
3.Aldruh Padlem Poland26Elder Druid
4.Aliona Poland78Master Sorcerer
5.Alla Aktar Sweden155Master Sorcerer
6.Almighty Clickz Poland17Sorcerer
7.Amfanabol Poland65Royal Paladin
8.Angaru Poland74Royal Paladin
9.Artem Nowi Poland22Knight
10.Atak Bialego Weza Poland81Master Sorcerer
11.Atrakcyjny Stach Poland49Master Sorcerer
12.Aurion Poland64Knight
13.Autyzm Poland55Elder Druid
14.Ava Poland32Knight
15.Babuk Straszydlo Poland60Elite Knight
16.Bad Boy Poland59Master Sorcerer
17.Bajorsoon Poland73Elder Druid
18.Bakojoko Turiel Poland94Elite Knight
19.Barclays Poland46Paladin
20.Bardock Poland40Paladin
21.Bieeuls Showtime Poland52Elder Druid
22.Bodko Poland39Elder Druid
23.Bodruid Bije Zwanda Poland67Elder Druid
24.Bojacka Poland77Royal Paladin
25.Boom Netherlands114Master Sorcerer
26.Bot Knajt Poland52Elite Knight
27.Bra Dunkat Jens Poland64Knight
28.Brave Warrior Poland52Elite Knight
29.Bravo Hugoo Poland158Royal Paladin
30.Buchacz Poland63Master Sorcerer
31.Bybb Poland30Elder Druid
32.Capslock Poland71Royal Paladin
33.Carinhaque Temato Logoali Poland46Paladin
34.Caven Poland27Elder Druid
35.Celal Kay United Kingdom92Elite Knight
36.Chico Cunha Poland67Master Sorcerer
37.Chrille Glory Poland82Paladin
38.Chuj Jebany Poland151Royal Paladin
39.Citroen Poland27Druid
40.Ciulik Company Poland18Sorcerer
41.Colin Poland27Master Sorcerer
42.Crack Boy Sweden128Royal Paladin
43.Crazy Magic Poland19Sorcerer
44.Cromak Poland78Elite Knight
45.Crush Them Easy Poland46Sorcerer
46.Czaja Poland22Paladin
47.Czesiek Poland25Elder Druid
48.Czworka Poland26Sorcerer
49.Dalek Poland134Royal Paladin
50.Danektoswir Poland51Royal Paladin
51.Dastan Poland18Knight
52.Davey Kraken Poland50Sorcerer
53.Deadroth Poland59Royal Paladin
54.Demonicessence Poland78Master Sorcerer
55.Demu Adox Poland66Knight
56.Detonated Poland73Master Sorcerer
57.Diaczek Ed Poland26Elder Druid
58.Dobee Poland36Paladin
59.Dolce Aka United Kingdom168Elder Druid
60.Don Vitto Poland79Royal Paladin
61.Druid Poland95Elder Druid
62.Duchu Zly Poland26Elder Druid
63.Dudek Poland24Elder Druid
64.Dzido Miotacz Poland81Royal Paladin
65.Egzorcysta Poland148Royal Paladin
66.Elite Reaper Poland79Elite Knight
67.Elitek Netherlands155Elite Knight
68.Elo Kyra Poland53Master Sorcerer
69.Esmolinha Porfavor Poland61Elder Druid
70.Espanol Poland64Royal Paladin
71.Estr Poland25Druid
72.Facebook And Table Poland22Druid
73.Fearsome Poland78Master Sorcerer
74.Ferben Poland97Elite Knight
75.Foreverdax Lithuania16Knight
76.General Flacha Poland75Elder Druid
77.George Floyd Poland56Master Sorcerer
78.Gezzla Ms Poland41Master Sorcerer
79.Gigako Poland52Royal Paladin
80.Globini Poland87Royal Paladin
81.GOD Slugar Poland51Rookstayer
82.Gonny Sweden146Royal Paladin
83.Grayhoodie Coweye Sweden77Royal Paladin
84.Grazyna Mroczna Lalunia Poland79Royal Paladin
85.Grefus Cash Poland28Knight
86.Greg Aka Voodrik Poland49Master Sorcerer
87.Gregorio Aje Cyprus155Elder Druid
88.Gregson Style Bosnia and Herzegovina186Elite Knight
89.Grels Ek Poland43Knight
90.Greta Svarttutte Poland24Elder Druid
91.Gustaw Poland184Royal Paladin
92.Hardcore'Cuproza Poland46Master Sorcerer
93.Hari Pota Poland35Elder Druid
94.Hi Poland8Paladin
95.Honda Poland129Royal Paladin
96.Honken Poland59Knight
97.Hula'hop Bujajakhiphop Poland61Master Sorcerer
98.Hvj Poland50Royal Paladin
99.Igla Sho Poland28Elder Druid
100.Ikto Sweden62Master Sorcerer
101.Io-Ol Rafcio Io-Ol Denmark182Elite Knight
102.Jamienator From Wronki Poland66Master Sorcerer
103.Jan Chuj Wielki Poland55Knight
104.Janken Poland29Elder Druid
105.Janusz Poland111Royal Paladin
106.Jebac Szescdziesiatki Poland113Elite Knight
107.Jest Git Poland140Master Sorcerer
108.Jimmy Butler Poland35Paladin
109.John Paul Espancamento Poland34Master Sorcerer
110.Johny Puszka Poland64Master Sorcerer
111.Jophix Poland81Royal Paladin
112.Julius Caesar Poland56Master Sorcerer
113.Kaburba Unknown61Master Sorcerer
114.Kalashnikov Poland97Elite Knight
115.Kalesoniarz Poland45Master Sorcerer
116.Kalle Andersson Sweden152Master Sorcerer
117.Kam'Ra Poland92Elite Knight
118.Kasilya Sweden112Royal Paladin
119.Kasza Basza Poland19Knight
120.Katjakaj Poland30Elder Druid
121.Kaufer Pvp Mastah Poland25Elder Druid
122.Kazushige Sweden99Royal Paladin
123.Kenosha Poland50Elite Knight
124.Kgiihaer Poland84Elite Knight
125.Kicko Poland60Elite Knight
126.King Gruby Poland160Royal Paladin
127.King Kanno Rullezs Poland66Sorcerer
128.King Mystika Poland67Royal Paladin
129.Kipeshi Poland78Royal Paladin
130.Kisiel Klarowany Poland41Paladin
131.Kitkix Poland91Royal Paladin
132.Kllinxa Poland46Master Sorcerer
133.Knekt Skeon Poland89Elite Knight
134.Knight Psico Poland56Knight
135.Knullkuken Sweden154Royal Paladin
136.Koe Poland30Knight
137.Kolega Poland45Royal Paladin
138.Konkret Poland22Paladin
139.Koxther Poland73Royal Paladin
140.Ksionc Poland26Sorcerer
141.Kurdeszol Poland73Elite Knight
142.Kuzdi Poland97Royal Paladin
143.Lady Corvux Poland68Elite Knight
144.Lamena Poland36Paladin
145.Legolas Netherlands32Paladin
146.Liczy Sie Masa Poland60Sorcerer
147.Logic Poland45Knight
148.Lono Werci Wali Kutrem Poland89Paladin
149.Loogle Poland28Elder Druid
150.Lord Vankay Poland80Elite Knight
151.Lubie Dziewczynki Poland51Elder Druid
152.Lucasdkzera Poland68Elder Druid
153.Lucky Dice Poland75Elite Knight
154.Lyke Rynox Poland28Paladin
155.Magiczna Poland75Elite Knight
156.Mam Pytanie Poland45Knight
157.Mani Poland73Elite Knight
158.Manymany Poland22Knight
159.Marjolka Poland16Knight
160.Maroko Zamyka Okoo Poland51Master Sorcerer
161.Marysiaa Denmark55Royal Paladin
162.Marzeoue Poland62Royal Paladin
163.Master Knight Poland52Elite Knight
164.Max Poland46Master Sorcerer
165.Maximus Straszydlo Poland61Elite Knight
166.Miami Heat Nba Champs Poland90Master Sorcerer
167.Minyz Sex Poland50Royal Paladin
168.Mockingjay Poland63Master Sorcerer
169.Mokebe Poland28Knight
170.Mordziaty Poland99Master Sorcerer
171.Moreweed Poland78Royal Paladin
172.Mrgreen Poland52Royal Paladin
173.Namys-ek Netherlands63Elite Knight
174.Neinnelo Poland46Master Sorcerer
175.Niedzwiard Poland117Elder Druid
176.Oczko Wodne Poland45Sorcerer
177.Odysen Poland127Master Sorcerer
178.Ojje Poland17Knight
179.Operator Kosiarki United Kingdom94Royal Paladin
180.Pacjent Poland126Elite Knight
181.Pako Poland138Royal Paladin
182.Paladyn Na Haju Poland55Royal Paladin
183.Palarizo Poland147Royal Paladin
184.Parmarezan Poland57Royal Paladin
185.Passat Pawla Poland49Knight
186.Patolog Pan Poland52Sorcerer
187.Patriarka Poland127Elite Knight
188.Patryk Pogromca Ghouli Poland43Knight
189.Payton Poland36Rookstayer
190.Pierdolniecie Gita Poland117Master Sorcerer
191.Pinut Poland62Paladin
192.Pogorya Poland69Sorcerer
193.Pokora Poland113Elite Knight
194.Pomylony From Rzeszow Poland80Master Sorcerer
195.Prima Sort Poland43Knight
196.Puttan Sweden82Royal Paladin
197.Rageblade Yemen187Elite Knight
198.Rairan Alde United Kingdom50Paladin
199.Rapsoi'Tutraumah Poland80Master Sorcerer
200.Reniu Here Poland25Elder Druid
201.Retard Poland140Master Sorcerer
202.Rexona Poland60Elder Druid
203.Ridiculous Amount Of Cash Poland31Royal Paladin
204.Robert Kubica Poland72Royal Paladin
205.Ron Here Poland32Master Sorcerer
206.Roq Poland32Master Sorcerer
207.Rpg United Kingdom60Royal Paladin
208.Rrafaw Corp Poland32Elite Knight
209.Ruda Grazyna Poland62Master Sorcerer
210.Rybol Poland36Paladin
211.Ryuzaki Poland67Elite Knight
212.Sain Drutt Poland24Elder Druid
213.San Rer Moxs Poland88Master Sorcerer
214.Satriso Poland65Elder Druid
215.Sausjesman Poland30Elder Druid
216.Sdnamordekappa Poland60Elder Druid
217.Sell Bp Uh Poland71Elder Druid
218.Shasellion Poland23Paladin
219.Sir Antrojan Poland45Druid
220.Skizo Poland197Elite Knight
221.Skur Jerel Poland50Master Sorcerer
222.Skurken Sweden105Royal Paladin
223.Sobredosis Gz Poland29Elder Druid
224.Sorcer By Ciezkowice Poland78Master Sorcerer
225.Soullan Poland19Knight
226.Spanxi Poland26Paladin
227.Stopson Heroina Poland48Master Sorcerer
228.Swagfox Poland26Elder Druid
229.Syndabock Corleone Poland70Master Sorcerer
230.Szara Strefa Patologi Poland51Elder Druid
231.Szerszen Warmaster Poland23Master Sorcerer
232.Tathrax Poland55Royal Paladin
233.Trojak Poland74Elite Knight
234.Trojglowy Ramienia Poland86Master Sorcerer
235.Trzepie Hajsy Poland61Elite Knight
236.Tullo Poland150Royal Paladin
237.Turbo Jatza Pratza Poland70Elite Knight
238.Twisted Transistor Poland33Paladin
239.Valhalla Spring Poland59Master Sorcerer
240.Venom Dragon Poland107Master Sorcerer
241.Verix Mistrz Poland56Elite Knight
242.Vincent Vega France72Master Sorcerer
243.Wasa Menn Poland29Sorcerer
244.Wielbie Brazoli Poland28Paladin
245.Wievko Poland45Master Sorcerer
246.Wredny Chuj Poland37Knight
247.Wyczol Poland28Knight
248.Wyjasniacz Poland53Master Sorcerer
249.Wystatkowany Poland39Druid
250.Xad Poland72Master Sorcerer
251.Xanavi Mandela Poland80Royal Paladin
252.Xander Poland22Royal Paladin
253.Xarentis Poland89Royal Paladin
254.Xiaorini Poland95Elder Druid
255.Xosted Lithuania30Royal Paladin
256.Xunariia Denmark69Elite Knight
257.Yhym Poland28Knight
258.Yszty Poland63Royal Paladin
259.Zabije Cie Poland37Master Sorcerer
260.Zal Ban Poland81Elite Knight
261.Zbieracz Kopru Poland25Knight
262.Ze Starym Na Plecach Poland92Royal Paladin
263.Zgubiony Muzg Poland64Knight
264.Zive Poland29Elder Druid
265.Zorkes Poland53Elder Druid
266.Zubek Poland53Master Sorcerer
267.Zwyczajny Random Poland8Knight
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