Askara will be launched in:
16th June 2021 at 18:00 CEST

Download Client

If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe

Blessings can be obtained by any player and reduces how much experience, magic level and skills you will lose in a death. Every blessing costs 10k (10.000 gp), and you can only obtain it when you dont already have that blessing
These blessings wil be lost if you die.

There are 5 different blessings:
The Spiritual Shielding - Norf
The Embrace of Askara - Humphrey
The Fire of the Suns - Edala
The Wisdom of Solitude - Eremo
The Spark of the Phoenix - Pydar

A character loses 10% of his experience when he dies, but promoted players only loses 7%. Each blessing decreases the percentage by 1%, so the least possible experience a player can lose upon death is 2%, with blessings and promotion. One blessing and the promotion require premium accounts. After death a character will lose all blessings.
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