Eloth.net 8.60

The planned start of the server will take place on August the 5th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe.
Important message
15 May 2020
It's important to update your client till Sunday, we are implementing next stage of preventing usage of war bots.

If you got problem with updating client, please open „run” then type %AppData% and remove Askara_v1 directory from OTClient_v8 folder.

Spectrum ship!
11 May 2020
This week brings an exciting new update called Spectrum Ship. The Ship will appear randomly near the passage of Ankhora and Ramahos (Ramahos side, continue east until you reach the beaches down the side of the map) and from here you can climb aboard and speak to the NPC Lazy-Eye Sam. This pirate is like all pirates, he desires treasure and will smell strongly of rum but will also give you tasks to complete. These will include jobs to help him repair his ship so he can again set sail.

These are global tasks so its up to the people of Askara to work together so everyone can benefit! Once you have completed his missions you will be able to travel with NPC Lazy-Eye Sam on the next server save to remote islands where you will encounter a Boss for the next 3 days! All players will be able to travel to the boss islands at anytime, killing each boss once every 6 hours. You can do this solo if your brave enough or in a team of 5 maximum (1-5 players). The risk can be high but also so is the rewards.

Each day will bring a different boss of the elements - Fire, Energy and Poison from which you can loot exciting new items. For example when you kill the Fire Boss, you will have the chance to loot protection equipment against fire, helping you hunt those dangerous monsters like Demons and Hellfire fighters and the same for energy and poison. The main reward will be the protection against the elements sets but you can also loot other rares and basic items.

The crashed Spectrum Ship will definately appear on Wednesday 13rd May so be ready! If the missions are not completed it will disappear again and arrive again randomly.

This amazing new update doesnt stop here, should the people of Askara complete the missions the entire server will benefit from a global reward. This reward will be 10% extra loot for the duration of the 3 days which you can travel to the boss islands!

Highlighting valuable items
7 May 2020
We have identified the cause of the lags and successfully changed to a new dedicated server. We found the problem within our current dedicated server and with changing to the new one, the problem has been easily eliminated. This has enabled us to once again really focus on updating the server just like we have from Day 1 with many updates on the way.

Customizing your Loot List!
From tomorrow Server Save we are really pleased to bring you the new customizable loot list! To activate this fantastic new function simply go to Options, Console and then select the colour you wish for rare items to appear when your loot channel is open.

All items above 5k will show in your selected colour on the loot channel, so you will no longer miss those all-important vampire shields when your exping on Tombs!

With Askara still at the very beginning of its journey, the most positive thing we can see is the stability of players online and the new players joining Askara. We are always looking to invest our time and efforts on the most important updates for our players, as you can see with the move of our dedicated server. Please keep all your feedback coming to our support team, we appreciate every message!

Auto SSA & New Dedicated Server
1 May 2020
Following an investigation we have made a change with the ability to drag stone skin amulet using a bot. You can no longer use this bot to auto drag stone skin amulets. All players must update their client so this effect will take place, without updating you will not be able to drag any stone skin amulets up to your amulet slot.

We currently have a great balance with PVP on our server and we will continue to work and keep it like this!

New Dedicated Server
You will remember from our previous update we identified lag spikes happening for a few seconds at random times. We would like to update all players that we have already purchased a new dedicated server to fix this problem. We are currently holding extreme tests and attacking our new server to see how much it can handle before adding it to your gameplay. Although the lags seem better we felt this was necessary to invest in.

The new dedicated server is hosted in London, UK and should be ready very soon. We will look into a way to compensate all of our players in Askara in the most fair and balanced way once the problem is fully resolved.

We would also inform you, that today we have added an Warzone tutorial to our Wikipedia! You can check it through that link: https://wiki.askara.net/wiki/warzone-quest

Askara has continued to hold a strong and active community and we would like to thank all of our players for staying with us. We will continue to update and add new exciting changes to the server just like many that have been implemented already!

Server Connection & House Decorations!
28 April 2020
We are aware there have been some issues with random freezes during gameplay. We have heavily investigated this and put in some preventive measures for it to be improved. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and respond to any lag spikes. We thank you for your patience.

House Decorations
Being server owners we get to move around the map very quickly, meaning we have seen lots of well decorated houses! So, do you want to have the hottest property in Askara? Check out the In Game Store from today’s server save where you will find all the great house decorations you are familiar with. Let’s see who can decorate their house with the best style!

Team Battle event & Death Redemption
25 April 2020
We are pleased to announce the Team Battle Event will return from tomorrow server save! As everyone knows this event is a lot of fun and the winning team will receive 5% EXP bonus for all players and the losers a slightly smaller EXP bonus, both activated for 6 hours.

As you can see the Staff Team here at Askara is super active. We are very proud of the feedback we’ve had for Askara and we will continue to bring you all the right updates at the right time. Please keep communicating with us all of your thoughts and ideas as we continue to build the greatest long term 8.0 ever made!

Death Redemption
This has been an extremely well developed and considered strategy to add to our balanced server. From today's server save you will be able to use Death Redemption when you die. So, why would we add this and is this making it pay to win and losing our perfect balance? Well, we have closely analysed this and have the perfect answer. Here’s how it will work.

1. When used Death Redemption will give you 70% experience back of what you lost when you died.
2. You may only use Death Redemption 1 time every 24 hours.
3. You can purchase this from the store for 20 points and it’s instant for you last death only.

As you know, many other low rate, 8.0/7.6 servers have the option to buy blessings on Store, EXP boosts and more. We have decided to implement something that you won’t be able to abuse and will keep our server stable whilst helping when you really need it.

P.S Enjoy the double loot weekend! (Friday 24.4.2020 until Monday server save 27.4.2020)

Double loot weekend!
23 April 2020
Are you ready for the first double loot weekend on Askara? Then get your backpacks ready and make room in your depot, for much loot is to be gotten!

Between the server saves of April 24 and April 27, you have the chance to collect double the amount of loot from every monster you kill.

To full backpacks and good loot!

Hussar outfit!
22 April 2020
As of today you will see our exclusive new outfit available in the store, the Hussar Outfit. This legendary outfit is massively popular among all types of players and will certainly add a great look to your character.

War Map has been added!
21 April 2020
It gives us great pleasure to bring todays update, the War Map!

You will be able to travel here by saying Spirit Fields to boat NPC - from Askara to the north boat on the map, from Safe Port to the jungle boat on the west and from Ankhora to the Desert side on the east. Once you are at the war map you can also travel to each boat quickly E.G just say hi, west, yes to get to jungle boat, hi, east, yes to get to desert boat, hi, north, yes to get to north place.

Remember the important things:

1. You will get a skull on attack target but you will not get any unjustified frags when killing players in this location.
2. You can travel here by 3 boats – Askara, Ankhora, Safe Port.
3. If you in warmode with your victim, you will get EXP as normal.
5. You can buy supplies here and also there is a Bank.
6. Exp / skill loss is same as normal.
7. Aol / bless loss is same as normal.

We have really enjoyed working on all updates so far, with many more to come! Enjoy the War Map!

PVP Arena & Astaroth boss
20 April 2020
So, a very interesting Poll for the PVP Arena. We have decided to implement this area but maybe ‘Arena’ isn’t the best word! We are aware that this Arena go voted No on our Poll however we have found a way to make it work for everyone. So let us tell you more…

We have designed a new location - a war map with 3 boats to get you there. You will be able to travel from Askara to the north boat on the map, from Safe Port to the jungle boat on the west and from Ankhora to the Desert side on the east. All players can get in the PVP Arena. So it’s a new edition to our growing Askara server!

Whilst here the same rules apply as normal but you won’t take any frags. So to summarise:

1. You will get a skull on attack target but you will not get any unjustified frags when killing players in this location.
2. You can travel here by 3 boats – Askara, Ankhora, Safe Port.
3. If you in warmode with your victim, you will get EXP as normal.
5. You can buy supplies here and also there is a Bank.
6. Exp / skill loss is same as normal.
7. Aol / bless loss is same as normal.

With taking the vote into careful consideration we have devised this to suit all players! We look forward to getting this launched, its coming within the next few days!

New daily boss - Astaroth
With today's server save the very first 'Daily Boss', Astaroth has been added. This boss will give you the chance to loot brand new sets for your characters!

You can get in the room to kill Astaroth by collecting 25x Skeleton Rods and 25x Skeleton Crowns whilst hunting Skeleton Mages. When you have these items head over to NPC Lugri and say Hi, Astaroth, Yes and then you will be able to get inside the teleport at the Skeleton Mage spawn which you can enter every 20 hours to kill the boss. Dont worry, you dont need to collect the items every day, when you have handed the items in once you can enter the boss one time per day.

Here is a list of things that has been updated during last days. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- Dark Torturers and Terrible Nightmares has been removed from Warzone I
- Added more Angry Destroyers on Warzone II
- Chance of the appearance of truffles on Warzone I has been increased
- Fixed using Bell on Corrupted Lost Soul on Warzone III
- Fixed showing kills of Angry Destroyers on Warzone II
- Astaroth boss has been added
- Ceiron's waterskin has been added to NPC Fiona, you may buy it for 200,000 gold coins
- Ceiron's waterskin may be refilled near Hydras on Ankhora
- Added automatic server raids
- Price of Botanist's Container has been increased to 100,000 gold coins from Fiona
- Price of Botanist's Container has been decreased to 50 premium points from Game Store

Team Battle event & War Rewards
14 April 2020
Team Battle Event
We want to inform you, that tommorow Team Battle event will appear on Askaras world. It's an event in which may participate every player. To join, simply click button JOIN which will appear at the top-right part of your screen. After joining to the event system is setting for everyone 130 level with proper skills and items for that level. Up to 200 players can join. Players get teleported to arena and split into 2 teams. Every character has 3 lives and when it loses all of them, it gets teleported back to a place from which it was taken to the event. Players from a winning team get a 5% increased experience bonus and players from a losing team get 2% increased experience bonus. In case of a draw all players get 3% increased experience bonus. Experience bonus lasts 6 hours.

First event will take place on Wednesday 15/04/2020 at 22:00 CET. Be ready!

War Rewards
With tommorow's server save War Rewards system will be implemented to Askara.

1. In order for a player to receive benefits, must be a member of the guild when the war begins.
2. In order for the guild to receive one of the abovementioned benefits, must meet the following conditions:

- minimum count of people in the guild: 10 (when you accept the war)
- average level in guild: 80
- minimum limit of frags: 200
- minimum count of frags gained in the war: 100

Possible rewards:

- 5% experience boost
- 20% cheaper bless & amulet of loss
- 10% skill boost
- 20% less death loss

* Benefits are granted after next server restart

Here is a list of things that has been updated during last days. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- From now, only players above level 100 will be able to see an yellow skull on a player that has shoot magic wall near war mode people
- Corrected entrance to Ghostly & Campfire Elementals, you will no longer login on a magic field if other square is occupied
- Added Ceiron's Wolf Tooth Chain quest inside Orc Fortress

Revealing more about Easter events!
10 April 2020
Military Bunny Outfit
From Saturday 11/04/2020 you will see our exclusive new outfit available in the store, the Military Bunny Outfit. This outfit will certainly add a great look to your character.

NOTE: From now, you may exchange 50x Easter Tokens for an exclusive Military Bunny outfit with Bunny Sam!

Second Easter Event - Easter Basket's finder
We would like to present you the second event we have been working on for you!
Each two hours (starting from 10:00) 300 easter baskets will spawn randomly somewhere on Askara map, they may appear in the cities but also on monster spawns and will be there for next one hour, once you find an Easter basket you have to "use it" and it will drop specified amount of coloured easter eggs, which may be exchanged for prizes with Bunny Sam.

Third Easter Event - The Sinister Bunny
As a third event we have prepared is a spawn of boss named The Sinister Bunny. That disgusting creature will apear two times a day; at 15:00 CEST and 20:00 CEST. Once you kill a boss (every player with level 40 and above) will be able to obtain nice rewards from the boss corpse including some rare items that won't be obtainable in the future.

Happy Easter!

Easter is getting closer!
9 April 2020
Following popular demand and our most recent Poll we have decided to implement the vocation EXP team hunt boosts. For each different vocation that is in your party (1 of each vocation) you will receive a 5% boost. Just as our players have stated, we also agree this is a great decision to make and hope you will enjoy the continuing updates on perfecting the balance of all vocations. These changes will take affect from tomorrow’s server save 09/04/2020!

Small Bug Fix
There was a small bug with walking diagonally and using for example mana or UH at the same time as stepping. This bug has now been fixed and take affect from today's server save 08/04/2020.

Easter Event!
We are getting close to Easter and we would like to present the first event we have been working on for you – we have some exciting details!

From Saturday 11/04/2020 you will begin to see a countdown to join the Easter Event. All players will have a chance to join and will be teleported to the Easter Arena which is NON-PVP. On this map, it’s every man for himself (all vs all) with prizes for the winners and also for everyone taking part! Your objective is to shoot your fellow players with Easter Eggs using a spell called exevo pascha. The spell will shoot the Easter Egg from your character just like a Master Sorcerer shoots exevo gran vis lux, smashing into the first player in its path! (not multiple targets). The Easter Eggs can be shot the full length of your screen – so if someone is aiming at you, make sure you’re not in the firing line! If you get hit by an Easter Egg your character will be teleported to a new random spawning position on the Event arena.

So how long will this event last and what are the prizes?

The Event will run from Saturdays server save 11/04/2020 until Tuesday 14/04/2020 server save and will be launched every 4 hours during daytime hours. The top 3 players who land the most completed shots will receive 50 premium points with every other player taking part receiving a 5% EXP boost for 2 hours! Don’t worry; the top 3 players will also receive this boost along with their points.

We hope you are enjoying all our updates and events just as much as we do making them, we have plenty more under construction. We will continue to listen to player feedback along with making the right decisions for all players as we continue to see a very exciting future. We would like to thank all of our players for choosing Askara

Here is a list of things that has been updated during last days. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- added Simon the Beggar favorite staff quest which is located near Heros in Esgar
- added ability to sell demonic essences to The Bone and The Dream Master as long as you hand in 1500 demonic essences before
- added ability to receive Necromancer or Nightmare Shield from The Bone and The Bone Master as a reward for completing their addons
- corrected appearance of Task Widget on the client while it's being closed
- added possibility to exchange mystic turban for blue piece of cloth, 150x green tunics for green piece of cloth and red robe for red piece of cloth with Irmana
- added possibility to sell piece of royal steel, piece of hell steel, piece of draconian steel and huge chunk of crude iron to Fiona
- added possibility to buy coloured bags from tools npcs
- corrected level requirement of Arbalest

Patch notes vol. 5
6 April 2020
Here is a list of things that has been updated during last days. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- Skeleton Mage's spawn has been added, which you may find somewhere in Ancient Temple in Esgar - https://map.askara.net/#zoom,17,position,1353,1039,14
- From now you may repeat your experience & money tasks as many times as you want, but each repeat reduces your reward.
- Full describe about task system you may find on our Wikipedia - https://wiki.askara.net/wiki/npc-tasks.
- Search function to Wikipedia has been added and works properly - from now it should be much easier to find anything you want to know.
- From now items with duration show their durations on Wikipedia properly.
- Items that have any regen attribute from now show it's regeneration on Wikipedia, for example: https://wiki.askara.net/item/Life+Ring.
- From now tool NPCs sells coloured backpacks
- Trainers are not kicking on corridor on auto-reconnect anymore.
- Mass Healing ("exura gran mas res") heals all players on stack.
- Some small map issues.
- Added small rubbies to loot from Campfire Elemental
- Added small sapphires to loot from Ghostly Elemental
- From now players that shoot an magic wall near to 10 or more War Mode players when on the same screen will receive an yellow skull as a public

Breaking news!
3 April 2020
New Polls!
As always we are reacting to your most current feedback and perfecting Askara. Our latest hot topic has been regarding ‘noob chars’ during warmode battles and pvp situations. As I’m sure you all know, there is no system that can magically fix this issue as it’s very much a part of the game! However we have come up with some very interesting ideas on how we can combat this without breaking the game play.

Please check our latest polls here https://askara.net/polling/list to make your votes on what you think should happen. We will not take direct action against this poll, but we will strongly consider all votes if we decide to make a change.

We are very proud of the map and the kind words our players have sent us. After days and hours of carefully selecting each location, from tomorrow server save you will find a few more defences. This is in response to the feedback from our players – we also strongly agree.

Easter Event!
With Easter fast approaching we have been working on an event that everyone can enjoy. During the easter holidays you will be able to loot different coloured eggs from all monsters during your hunting trips - As you collect these you will then be able to claim a reward! This is just a small preview of whats to come with this event, we will tell you much more news on this in the coming days!

Patch notes vol. 4
1 April 2020
Here is a list of things that has been updated during last day. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- CTRL+S will no more show/hide skills window while using WASD
- Minimap will no longer disappear
- Added Chimeras and Hellspawn spawn - Askara cemetery
- Added new tasks to Grizzly Adams [Chimeras and Hellspawns]
- Updated tasks list on webpage
- Updated Wikipedia monsters page
- Added 16 brand new houses [6 near Askara and 10 near Esgar]
- Added stamina regeneration on trainers [2 minutes on trainers regenerates 1 minute stamina]
- Added command !vial - use it if you wants to make empty vials disappear on drinking mana fluids, use it once again to make empty vials appear
- Added Damaged Steel Helmet on Deeper banuta, you have to pull all levers to open a walls inside.
- Added Giant Spider task to Grizzly Adams
- Inquisition quest has been added, you just have to start a mission from Henricus and go inside (one throne of Pits of Inferno is required to get in to teleport).
- Added ability to use Battle window filters
- From now tasks are being counted for maximum 2 players without party (and up to 4 players in party)
- You'll no longer be teleported to tunnel on training monks
- Closing key doors while player is inside will push that player out

Client update issue fix:

Open RUN in your computer and type %AppData%

then go to OTClientV8 directory and remove Askara_v1 directory and run client once again.

Patch notes vol. 3
31 March 2020
Today’s updates bring some amazing news, a brand new outfit and the popular decision to increase the loot rate.

As of today you will see our exclusive new outfit available in the store, the Golden Outfit. This legendary outfit is massively popular among all types of players and will certainly add a great look to your character.

We have also taken the time to update the look of our premium scrolls to stop scammers taking peoples hard earned cash, you will see this next time you purchase a premium tune from the shop.

Another extremely hot topic has been the loot rate. Following days of discussion and listening to all of the feedback from our community we have decided to increase the loot rate by just 30%. This has given a much better balance to the chances of making cash but retaining the importance of being lower rate and long term. The decision to do this has not been taken lightly as any changes must keep the gameplay as perfect as it can be.

We are very pleased with the response as Askara’s population continues to grow. We love to hear your thoughts on the server so please keep the forum posts and questions coming.

As you can see, our map is growing and growing along with constant updates to meet players expectations. We are currently working on optimizing the client to maximise the smoothness of the gameplay following much appreciated feedback. You will also now find 2 new money tasks from Grizzly Adams - Behemoths and Nightmares!

One more exciting update as planned with our opening news for Askara, we are getting closer to hosting our Brazil/American server. The launch of this is very important to everyone as we build solid foundations for long term game play and the future of Askara. More on this as it develops!

Patch notes vol. 2
28 March 2020
Voting has end, frag time has been decreased to 24 hours and red skull time has been aswell decreased to 3 days.

Also, we have removed a system that was creating a yellow skull for a player who used magic wall around war mode's people.

Today we have created a Poll regarding the current frag system. Our team understand that our player’s feedback is most important so we decided to create a poll to consider adjusting the current system. To register your vote simply login and click the poll link at the top of the homepage.

With our population increasing day by day we have also now added around 20 new houses to the town of Ramahos. As we continue to expand this amazing project, we will give you regular updates on what’s new and what is coming soon!

Revenge System
By tomorrow server save this will be updated so when you kill a player and he return to attack you again he will take yellow skull.

Dungeons Reminder!
As you know our servers have the amazing dungeons feature. Just as a reminder, below is everything you need to know about them and the advantage of doing them as a daily task!
This amazing feature currently has 3 levels of difficulty; you’ll be able to choose from:

Easy – minimum level: 40
Medium – minimum level: 70
Hard – minimum level: 120

To enter Dungeons (dungeons are being in NON-PVP zone, so you can be sure that no one will surprise you while doing it) you can find NPC Jinx located south west of Askara town and speak with him. You have to be in party that counts 4 members (vocations doesn't matter). Once you have entered the Dungeons you must be quick, as you only have 30 minutes to complete it. If you exceed 30 minutes, you will be kicked out to temple. You must kill 150 monsters for that particular Dungeon and at the end, kill the BOSS that will spawn on last killed monster position.

After boss is killed you will be teleported to the reward room in which you can claim your prize which stays as secret for you.

Notice: As the clocks change, our server save tomorrow will be at 08:00 for one time.

Here is a list of things that has been updated during last few days. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- updated our Wikipedia by new npcs, character item counts
- updated Map preview
- vials are now sellable on Rookgaard to npc Hyacinth
- Merklin task has been added to Grizzly Adams. Upon completion you will receive the Shamon Outfit.
- corrected buying dragon hams in food npcs
- added dragon spawn on Ancient temple in Esgar

Patch notes vol. 1
26 March 2020
Here is a list of things that has been updated during last few days. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- From now ammunition sellers will buy items from the list: two handed sword, battle axe, dagger, hand axe, halberd, spike sword, rapier, sabre, spear, morning star, short sword, battle hammer, clerical mace, barbarian axe, leather armor, chain armor, brass armor, plate armor, chain legs, leather helmet, iron helmet, chain helmet, steel helmet, wooden shield, battle shield, steel shield, viking shield, sword, mace, axe, club, crossbow, bow, brass helmet, viking helmet, plate shield, longsword
- added barbarian axe, clerical mace, two handed sword and spike sword to
- corrected deeper tombs entrance [you are able to teleport lootbags through the magic field]
- corrected spawn time of every kind monster to 120s [expect Black Knight, which spawn takes 5 minutes]
- Gamel is changing life crystal to life rings properly
- added Mind Stone to the bank npc buying list
- corrected npc shop module, you won't get items who someone was trying to buy anymore
- added 'instant sell vial' command to magic shops
- added bp fb, bp ih, bp lmm and bp hmm to the magic shops selling list
- corrected mounts speed
- mount should appear now instantly after getting out from protection zones
- added walking through the players in protection zones
- added shards to buying list of npc Hjaern [you need to have an Norse outfit, which you are receiving after completing all Arena stages]
- added Obsidian Knife Quest
- added The Blessed Stake Quest
- added 'kick' command to Buddels and Maris

Successfull launch!
24 March 2020
We would like to thank all players who have joined us here on Askara. This unique server had an amazing launch of over 1000 players and we have hugely enjoyed seeing the start of everyone’s journey in this long term project.

Since the very beginning we have managed to respond to 100’s of reports, suggestions and received incredible feedback from players. Your thoughts are extremely important to us as we navigate through the opening stages of the server. The team has worked around the clock to ensure our response time has been fast.

For all current and new players just joining don’t forget to spend some time on our website as you have extremely useful links such as our YouTube Channel, map preview, Wikipedia, quest tutorials and much more.

We look forward to keeping you updated and welcome you to Askara!

Copyrights 2020, askara.net. All rights reserved.