Eloth.net 8.60

The planned start of the server will take place on August the 5th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe.
You need at least 40 level player on account to vote.
Each account can vote only once.
Question: Do you want us to add a special PVP-Enforced arena to the fight in which there would be an unlimited frag limit and to which everyone could join? (ends on 17 April 22:00:00)
Yes.49.46%Voting closed
No.50.54%Voting closed
Question: Should we add 5% exp boost for each vocation in party? Which means party of 4 different vocations will boost your experience by 20%. (ends on 7 April 22:00:00)
Yes.80.65%Voting closed
No.19.35%Voting closed
Question: Should we add a frag remover, that will clean your unjustified kills only on players below level 50? It will only be 15 premium points for this. (ends on 4 April 20:00:00)
Yes.21.55%Voting closed
No.78.45%Voting closed
Question: Should players that shoot an magic wall near to 10 or more War Mode players when on the same screen receive an yellow skull as a public? (ends on 4 April 20:00:00)
Yes.82.69%Voting closed
No.17.31%Voting closed
Question: How do you think the frag system should work? (ends on 28 March 22:00:00)
Continue with the current system (each frag should last 30 hours (red skull 5 days unless you take further frags) with 3 frags to red skull)27.64%Voting closed
Each frag should last 24 hours (red skull 3 days unless you take further frags) with 3 frags to red skull.72.36%Voting closed
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