Download Client

If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
There is poll about PVP Arena activated:

NPC Tasks

There are 2 kinds of NPC tasks:
- for money
- for experience

Tasks for money you can take from NPC Grizzly Adams.
Tasks for experience you can take from NPC Tim Wolf.

You can take maximum 2 tasks at once, but you can't mix tasks from 2 NPCs at same time.



Doing tasks in Party

There is possiblity to do tasks in Party. Maximum 4 players get kill for one monster.

There are also many limitations to get task kill in Party:
- member of party has level above 20
- he is on same floor as dying monster
- monster is in range of his screen (visible on screen)
- player that killed monster level is lower OR level higher not more than 50% than party member level [same as Party Experience Share]
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